Naren's indie round-up/ Nov 2022, Ep 3


Rashmeet Kaur/ Bulleya O

Label: Self-released 

Rating: ****

Known for her interpretation of the folk tune 'Bajre Da Sitta' and her trendy Hindi song 'Musafir', Rashmeet Kaur has also been releasing songs based on Sufi poet Bulleh Shah's work.

Her 'Lagan Lagi' was sung well but marred by a video that was totally out of sync. Her new single 'Bulleya O' has an appropriate black n' white video, simply showing her with a guitar.

Rashmeet blends Bulleh Shah's Punjabi lyrics with English lines ending with 'I'll be fine, without you". Bass and keyboards add to the orchestration, and the arrangement is simple yet effective, matching the soulful voice.

Dipanwita Chakraborty/ Kaash Hum

Label: Self-released 

Rating: *** 1/2

Singer Dipanwita Chakraborty is soulful on her new ghazal 'Kaash Hum', written by Kamal Kishore Rajput. The poet writes with flair, producing some good couplets.

The matla (opening couplet) is, "Kaash hum unke ghar gaye hote, akhud-ba-khud zakhm bhar gaye hote". Then, he ends the ghazal with, "Pyaar se milta jo Kamal sabse, saarey rishte sanwar gaye hote".

Dipanwita's voice goes well with the sarangi, guitar and tabla accompaniment. The video's simple setting adds to the aura.

Prem Murti/ Kahaani

Label: Self-released 

Rating: ***

Plenty of good Punjabi music has been released recently. 'Kahaani', composed and sung by Prem Murti, adds to the list.

The song is high on melody, and Prem's singing is expressive. Varinder's lyrics are filled with emotion, and there is smart use of dilruba and flute.

The video alternates between the rendition of the song and a flashback scene. It suits the theme. The singer is also known for devotional music. This adds variety to his repertoire.

Backclash/ Tu Aana

Label: Self-released 

Rating; ** 1/2

The brainchild of producer Backclash aka Aman Vanjani, 'Tu Aana' has vocals and lyrics by Anirudh Nimkar. The song follows a trendy pop-synth style, with smart use of synths.

Co-produced by SHMAR aka Pranay Gode, the song is ideal for car listening. The vocals do tend to get mechanical and repetitive, but the overall tune is catchy. Backclash has released a lyrical video, so one can sing along.

Divij Naik/ Roshni 

Label: Self-released 

Rating: ****

Singer Divij Naik comes from a classical background. His father Pt Paresh Naik has studied under Pandit Jasraj and his mother Malini Pandit Naik is an exponent of light classical music. Besides singing songs regularly, he also has had experience as a music director and has studied percussion.

Divij's latest song 'Roshni' has an upbeat and happy vibe, and his singing shows amazing control over the nuances. "Roshni, roshni, laayee hai saath mein, khudko aa chal pehchaane; Roshni, roshni, laayee hai saath hamein, chal diye khushiyon mein doob jaane", he sings.

The song is strong on lyrical content, using chaste Urdu words like 'darazon', 'mehfooz' and 'sohbat'. The lyrical video adds value.


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